Fix Trash! How could such a simple service and program be so ineptly created and unjustly implemented? The answer is a lack of common sense and unaccountable egos at City Hall. If a majority votes on the November 5 referendum to overturn the new trash ordinance, the city can be relieved of the bad contract. The Judge also ruled that the City Charter (constitution) gives us residents the clear right to vote on it (or any ordinance). Mitra has not been honest about either point. I, Chris Holbrook, will abide by our Charter and honor the rights and decisions of our voters.


Free Parking! (aka Fix Roads) 84% of us drive cars and are being treated as second-class citizens. City Hall continues to eliminate driving lanes, parking spaces, and funding for repairs. I am not against bike lanes, but can’t we step up pothole repair at the same time? Let’s have a comprehensive plan for both! And if the business owners on Grand Ave fought off City Hall’s designs to install parking meters, perhaps others would like fewer of them. Mitra says she wants to 'make more parking less free'. I, Chris Holbrook, will look at making more parking more free as I fight for road maintenance.   


Safe Police! Do you know City Hall has not supported the community police oversight commission called PCIARC? They have turned down requests for funds, information, and empowerment. Mitra’s mantra has been to support Mayoral decisions like these to advance ‘shared priorities’. I, Chris Holbrook, have a mantra to advance the priorities of residents. We can have safe community policing WITH support of PCIARC. And since we taxpayers have paid over $2.4 M dollars in the last 24 months to settle police misconduct lawsuits, lets have a discussion about requiring police to carry professional liability insurance, similar to how doctors must carry malpractice insurance.


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