Our City Council's Trash

In the last week we have seen all the big voices weigh in, through all the major media sources, on our St. Paul trash (ordinance 18-39) referendum vote happening Nov. 5. What is really fascinating, and telling, is that those lined up on the side of keeping the overpriced program-mandate are the rich incumbents already in power who have DFL endorsement (and money), or a few challengers newly funded by the DFL against those DFL incumbents who have fallen 'out-of-line', or straight-up the DFL itself. I have never been a Republican or a Democrat, but anyone turning this non-partisan issue into a partisan issue is a jerk. On the other side, clamoring to Vote No and eliminate the ordinance, is virtually everybody else. That includes thousands of residents, petition signors (over 6000), all of us poor City Council challengers (campaigns out-funded 20-1), the N.O.A.H. landlords, and leading community voices like the St. Paul logic commentator and the Green Party mayoral candidate.

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Trash Vote Will Be Held Nov 5

Victory!~(for the moment)~Today August 22, 2019 the rights of the residents of St. Paul were affirmed by the Minnesota Supreme Court. They have just announced their ruling that the City Council was in violation of Charter law by dismissing the timely legal petition submitted by citizens who requested a city wide referendum vote on ordinance 18-39 (the trash mandate).

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Fixing St. Paul Roads, Where To Get The $$$

I am running for St. Paul City Council in Ward 4. My top two issues are to Fix Trash and to Fix Roads (nicknamed Free Parking!). Regarding the latter, every media source in the TC recently shared details from the alarming St. Paul Public Works assessment of our dilapidated streets. Let me recap and offer some solutions.


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pre emptive filing note

I expect to file my Affidavit of Candidacy July 31.

Chris Holbrook at 2017 trash hearing

*From 7/19/17 my comments to the City Council about the trash ordinance
My comments are at 2 hr 4 minute