We in Ward 4 deserve an honest representative who leads by listening to you and your needs instead of following the agenda of power brokers. Those power brokers are holding our City hostage, penalizing the poor and rewarding the rich. They are career politicians, union bosses, bankers and developers. While I am not opposed to any of those groups of people, I am opposed to them running our fine City of St. Paul. This is our City and we the residents run it.


You deserve a City Council person who works to represent you to government, and not someone who just wants to represent government to you. A representative who cares about your rights, your budget, and your safety ~ and who will follow through with actions to reinforce that. While I can not compete financially against Mitra’s high ranking donors, I can compete with ideas and effort.


I have never been a member of the DFL or GOP, but for 20 years I have been a property-tax paying member of this community. I don’t believe in binary choices, I believe in respecting all choices. We can have a trash system AND let people do their own thing. We can maintain great roads AND great bike paths. We can support the police AND hold them accountable. We can fight for renters AND owners. It's should never be Us vs Them, it should always be We.


Please let me, Angie, and Baxter know what is important to you. We have been married without kids, living near Hamline & Van Buren for decades. By day I am a sales account manager for a building materials wholesaler. We also own/rent out a duplex. But if you agree with my points about City Hall please consider helping by giving some money, time, or a vote. If you don’t, then don’t, and nothing changes.